Saturday, September 29, 2012

DAY TWELVE (09/28/2012)

Our last full day at sea and it was a busy one. The final two CTD’s were performed at Steamer Bank and 9 Fathom Rock. Labs were cleaned and supplies packed. And throughout the day multi-beam data continued to be processed.

Tomorrow we will return to port and say goodbye. We will bid farewell to water as far as the eye can see, to the colleagues we have worked with for the past two weeks, and to the crew which has been always ready to help, answer questions, and ask questions of their own. Tomorrow also marks the start of most of the data analysis. Sediment cores will be taken to TAMUCC and Rice University, biological specimens are earmarked for UT-Brownsville for genetic analysis, water samples will yield insight into the algae and plankton present on many of the banks, and of the originally 22 targeted banks 14 have been mapped in addition to 3 previously unknown banks.

But tonight we gather to recap the achievements of the cruise with new friends and old.
Day 12 moon over 9 Fathom Rock
Image credit: Maureen Trnka
Written by Elizabeth Shanks for HRI at TAMUCC

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